The academic year is beginning: Do you have a roof over your head?

GradLife McGill

New Academic Year. If you were thinking of making big changes, chances are you are making them now. If you are a new student (welcome!) and you are not a Montrealer (yet!), chances are you spent the last weeks looking for a place to live. And if you are a returning student, there is still a chance you decided to move to a new place anyway, maybe in a different area. So… do you have a roof over your head for the academic year that is about to begin?

No pressure: It’s perfectly ok if you don’t. Indeed, in a big student city like Montreal, student housing seems pretty flexible. Renting a place for one year is quite common, but renting just for a few months isn’t rare, and of course this is your only option, if you are here as an exchange or vitising student just for a few…

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