In this section you can find my poems.

Here is a list of the poems that I am happy to share with you:

  • You will move me that day too. This is an environmental poem. If you want to read only one poem, I suggest reading this one. This poem exists also in Italian: Anche quel giorno tu mi muoverai. Honestly, I think the English version is better, believe it or not. The ending just works better in English.
  • A humble hymn to Something.
  • No apologies this time.
  • That room with the green wallpaper. This poem exists also in Italian: Quella stanza con la carta da parati. In this case, I think the Italian version is remarkably better. Italian allows enjambments that in English just can’t work.
  • Chasing mirror.
  • The blue, the green and the grey. This is an environmental poem. If you want to read only two poems, I suggest reading this one, too.
  • Fiamma bagnata (for now only available in Italian).
  • All I can hear.
  • Not a butterfly.
  • Red and white blanket . This poem was originally openly published on this blog. Later, I made it password protected. This happened because I realized that the people this poem is inspired by and dedicated to… well, some of them do not respect me, and the others, I don’t know if they respect me or side with the ones who do not respect me. I have been left hanging for years, not knowing. Now, publishing a poem lovingly dedicated to someone who either disrespects me or leaves me hanging like this is a major begging doormat move… and I am tired of being a begging doormat, I owe myself a bit more respect than that. My feelings matter, my time matters. This poem will be visible again if and when it turns out these people do respect me, at least the ones I care about.