The joy of a Summer flu–or whatever disease this is

GradLife McGill

I was looking forward to the Summer so much. Having a post-comps break, and then working on my thesis while enjoying the Summer on the island of Montreal: The festivals, the Paddle Mac, the many tourist attractions. Maybe also going swimming, or doing some one-day solo trips to Quebec City or Ottawa, or to some hidden gem here in Quebec. I didn’t have real plans, but I did have expectations. What I didn’t expect was the flu that hit me in the last weeks and that I am finally–hopefully–recovering from. I don’t really know how I got it, but certainly the weather we are having this Summer, generally hot with sudden storms that can catch you when you’re having a walk, didn’t help.

Getting the flu in the Summer is so weird. You have to keep yourself warm, because you don’t want it to get worse…

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