A bit of fun before the Winter comes: One day at La Ronde

GradLife McGill

Winter is coming… it will be long and freezing and slippery… but it is not here yet! And while we are going back to classes and looking for our missing McGill toque or right-hand glove, it’s not a bad idea to look at the Summer offers that are about to end, and perhaps take advantage of some of them, if our schedule allows it.

This is what I did recently, in one of the last real hot Summer days of 2018. Destination: La Ronde. This amusement park on St. Helen’s Island isn’t too far from the city centre, and if you are carless like me, you can easily reach it via public transport. What convinced me to go, beside the fact that I don’t even remember last time I went on a roller coaster and I was eager to do it again, was the student discount. Indeed, if you…

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