12190977_10206424748631754_1380600432891926557_nAlice is a human being living on planet Earth at the beginning of the 21st Century CE. In other words, Alice is living in the Anthropocene, that is the current era in which the environmental equilibria are significantly, deeply, dangerously influenced by human activities. An era in which a single species, the Homo Sapiens Sapiens, has stopped being just an inhabitant of the planet and has become an insensible, thriftless and reckless dominator of the Earth, unaware of the effects of this overpowering behaviour.

Alice is studying and doing research on the Anthropocene. She is deeply concerned about the present and the future, and she has started looking at the world around her with different eyes.

This blog gathers some of her writings, with heterogeneous contents, styles, formats and aims. Have a nice reading!





This is a personal blog. When I opened it, I looked online for other Alices in the Anthropocene, I did not find any result, and thus I thought it was ok to use this name both for my wordpress username, and for the title of my blog. If there is in the world any other “Alice in the Anthropocene” (e.g., a commercial activity or product), this blog is not related to it. If you see another “Alice in the Anthropocene” and wonder if this blog is related to it, please ask this in the comments, and I will clarify.


Writing this blog is a hobby for me, not a job.

I am not making any money with this blog, and I do not see this activity as a profession (in case you see advertisements on this website, WordPress is probably the one making money with them, while I am not getting a single penny). Please don’t expect accuracy, impartiality, or any kind of deontology: I am not a journalist, an editor, or anything like that.  Also, please don’t expect this blog to be about news: It is about my personal thoughts. I am just a graduate student who likes being creative and putting some of her writings online, for the very few people who may be interested in reading them–mostly, friends of mine… thank you, my dear friends!

Sometimes I share links to contents that involve me and are published on other websites: These contents must not be considered as posts of this blog, but as posts belonging to the websites indicated in the original link. Here I just share the links to these posts, just like I do on facebook, twitter and linkedin: I share them because they are relevant to me. But these posts remain posts belonging to the other websites, not to the Alice in the Anthropocene personal blog.

This is, briefly, how I decided to open this blog: I used to write long posts on facebook and short maxims on twitter, but then I wondered: “Why don’t I share my thoughts on a platform that allows for more creativity?”… and at this point I decided to open this blog, with a name I find serious but somewhat funny: Alice in the Anthropocene. But the spirit with which I write is the same that made me write on facebook and twitter: I just want my mind to have some FUN!

That’s all 🙂


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