My maxims

In this section I take notes on the maxims my mind happens to produce. I invented them, but I did’t check whether they already existed or not, therefore someone else may very well have thought the same things before I did.

We should care about the environment not because we are environmentalists, but because we are good citizens. Caring about the environment is not a preference: It simply is the right thing to do.

If it’s love it’s not wrong, if it’s wrong it’s not love.

(i.e. love is never wrong, but let’s be careful: Violence, oppression etc. are not love!)


Some religions make you free from thinking and call it freedom. I call it freedom when I am free to think, not when I am free from thinking.

Before passionately declaring you firmly believe in something, be sure you really have understood that thing.

Depleting the resources confident that future wellbeing will be higher is like quitting your job confident that tomorrow you will win the lottery.

Time does not fix things. Fixing things fixes things.

Using a sophisticated language to say simple things does not mean you are right, or smart. It just shows you are pretentious.

If you want thrills, watch a creepy movie, read a creepy book. Don’t vote for a creepy future.

When someone does not want to listen to someone else, it is usually laziness, or egotism.

Favors are not due and should not be claimed.

Don’t blame me for having hard feelings. Blame yourself for having hurt me beyond my resilience.

Forgiveness is not due and must not be claimed.

Quando stai per lasciarti abbattere, ricorda: non sei un albero.

(There is no adequate translation for this maxim in Italian, sorry)