GradLife Best Moments: The Lab Retreat

GradLife McGill

I don’t know who invented them, but lab retreats are awesome.

This month my research group had its annual Winter retreat at McGill’s Gault Nature Reserve, I absolutely loved it, and I think these retreats will be some of the warmest memories of my years as a graduate student.

To me, the term lab retreat means three things: Sharing thoughts and knowledge, having a good time with my fellows, and acquiring a deeper awareness of where our project is heading to.

The first point is quite obvious: if you gather many people doing research on similar topics and make them spend 2-3 days together in the same building, they’ll obviously spend a lot of time discussing their research topics almost restlessly, both during group activities, and during some of their free time. I personally spent a couple of hours between midnight and 2 am listening to an amazing debate…

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