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When newspapers talk about your field… and confirm your worries

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Being a fellow of the Economics for the Anthropocene project, I spend a lot of time reading and reflecting on the Anthropocene, i.e. the current epoch in which human activities are significantly impacting the environment (see, for example, here)I think about this most of the time, both as a graduate student, and as a human being: Our species has transformed the planet very deeply, and it wasn’t a smart decision, because while we were naively modifying this and that, we altered important equilibria we didn’t even know existed… and now we have to face the consequences.

I have a controversial relationship with newspapers: on the one hand I wish they were talking about the environmental problems more often and with more clarity and completeness, on the other hand, when this happens, I feel unsettled, because most of the time the news just reinforces my worries.


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