That lonely-and-lost feeling

GradLife McGill

Maybe it’s the realization that Winter is coming and the snow won’t leave us until April. Maybe it’s the idea of being about to spend the Christmas holidays far from the family. Maybe it’s just the tiredness of being almost at the end of the Fall term, coupled with the scary awareness that my comprehensive exam will take place in the Winter one. Graduate studies are accompanied by a variety of feelings that hit you from time to time, making you feel alternatively super-excited, stressed, deeply glad, worried, in love with your subject and the world… or, sometimes, lonely and a bit lost.

I think that at this point a distinction is needed: not all kinds of graduate studies imply the same amount and kind of loneliness. Indeed, there are degrees based on coursework and degrees based on research. And if your degree is research-based, you may or may not…

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