Six reasons why an international student should visit Quebec City

GradLife McGill

Being a student in Montreal is an amazing experience, and it is definitely pleasant to see that our beloved city was named the world’s best city for students last February. As an international student, I am really glad to live here, but I also feel that my experience wouldn’t be complete without some visits to the other main touristic destinations in this part of North America. Let’s start with Quebec City… pardon, Ville de Québec.

I have to admit that when I moved here Ville de Québec was not on my to-go list, and that my decision to visit it was mostly due to some repeated word of mouth on how beautiful this city is. Now I’m so glad I followed the advice!

Here is my personal list of reasons why an international student–or any out-of-province student–should not miss a visit to Québec City.

First, la Promenade…

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