The first time a graduate student… teaches

GradLife McGill

If you are doing a PhD you are generally older than most of the undergraduate students, and thus you tend to feel somehow old (pardon, mature), especially when you happen to walk in a corridor crowded with excited Freshmans. However, the more you proceed in your degree, the more you realize that your position is far from being one of adulthood, and much closer to being the one of a newborn. Indeed, you are often called an early stage researcher, an expression that clearly remarks your current professional immaturity.

Now I that am at the beginning of the second year of my PhD, I feel like a baby researcher more than ever. Indeed, just like a baby’s life is filled with first times – the first word, the first step, the first tooth – my second year at McGill is revealing itself as a sequence of firsts as well. For…

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