That half-déjà vu feeling

GradLife McGill

Landing at the Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau airport for the first time is an emotional moment for an international student: You are landing in the country where you will hopefully spend the years that will follow and you see for the first time how Canada looks like. At the same time you are tired from the long flight, and you hope you will get your study permit smoothly, find a house, get on well with the professors and the fellows…

The second time you land at the Montreal Airport, when you are about to begin the second year, should be different: no study permit to get, no need to struggle with city maps, no unexpected surprises, and maybe even a busy schedule starting the following day.

And instead… something happens. That stomachache you had last year while landing… remember? It’s here again. You recognize as familiar acquaintances the Stadium, Mount Royal…

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