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Is there a right age to save the world?

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A few months ago I wondered if there is a right age to be a graduate student. However, as my fellow blogger Sophie reminds us here and here, each of us is more than a student, and there are other things in our lives beside being a student here and now: Family, friends, sports, art, views… and what about the idea of saving the world?

45034863201_d5471c6866_o (1) Picture by @gradlifemcgill Blogger and Instagrammer @fanniedionne/@fanidee

Well, maybe that’s too much. Or, I should say, that is not an expression I completely approve, because when we talk about saving the world most of the times what we actually mean is preventing ourselves from making things further worse, for example by not further increasing pollutionnot further widening the gap between the rich and the poor, or not adding another war to human history. Things that we should do…

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