Everyday differences between Italy and Quebec–Part 4

GradLife McGill

We are at the end of the Fall term… many new international students moved here a couple of months ago to start their first term at a Canadian university, and other new international students will soon move to Montreal to start their studies here in the Winter term. And sooner or later, they will compare Canada/Quebec to their home countries, just like I am doing here. This is the last post of the Everyday differences between Italy and Quebec series… unless in the next months I find some new differences to write about. In Part 1 I discussed transportation and roads, in Part 2 I talked about houses and rural/urban landscapes, while the topic of Part 3 was shopping. In this Part 4 post I will not focus on any specific topic, I will simply talk about the differences that had escaped me in the previous posts.

First, election campaign…

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