I found compherensive exams… different

GradLife McGill

Months ago GradLife McGill blogger Fannie wrote her post I found comprehensive exams… easy, and now that I have passed my comps as well, I’d like to echo her post with  this one. My post will not be a list of recommendations—Fannie already did this very well, and I have little to add to her sensible and organized advice. This post will just gather some thoughts about the exam and its preparation.

First, not all the comprehensive exams follow the same structure. As Fannie noted, uOttawa students have to read 300 books, while McGill students, generally, don’t*. But it must be noted that also within McGill the structure can vary greatly, even within the same faculty. For example, in my department we have to send a 10-page proposal to our committee, and then we have an oral exam consisting in a presentation of this proposal followed by questions…

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