Preparing for the comps (also) at the pub

GradLife McGill

Ok, this is weird, or at least incoherent. I am the one who shared her annoyance caused by the people talking in the library quiet zones, and now I am preparing for my comps at the pub?!

Well, let me clarify that I am not doing all the preparation for my comps at the pub—that would be the worst decision ever, at least for me: I need a quiet place to study, and this is especially true when it comes to an important exam like the PhD comprehensive examination. Simply, yesterday I sent my research proposal to my committee—something like 30 minutes before the deadline, after hours of battling against the computer to make a huge table readable—and today I decided to celebrate with a night at the pub, alone, in front of my computer, preparing the slides for my oral presentation, while a country music duo is…

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