Everyday differences between Italy and Quebec–Part 3

GradLife McGill

As I wrote in Everyday differences between Italy and Quebec–Part 1 and Part 2being an international student means being immersed in a different culture, and it’s amazing. In fact, for me it really is a dream come true. And like nightime dreams, sometimes it gets surprising, because no matter how much you prepare before moving to a different country, you will always end up finding some unexpected differences between the country that just welcomed you and your home country—in my case, Italy. And this is what this blog series is about: Little everyday differences.

After having talked about cars, roads, streets, houses and cities, let’s talk about… shopping! No, I won’t talk about fashion trends—I had poor fashion taste when I was living in Italy, and I have poor fashion taste now, with the nice difference that Canadians don’t seem as judgemental about clothing as Italians. I will…

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