Is there a right age to be a graduate student?

GradLife McGill

When I was in high school, since I was in a very theoretical program, going to university and earning at least a Bachelor’s degree seemed the only reasonable option. Then, since I wanted to study a bit more, I decided to continue with a two-year Master’s, that in my home country–Italy–is seen as the most natural post-graduate option. Someone told me that “if you stop studying for a while, and then go back to university, you may not find yourself able to study anymore”, and the fear of this happening to me made me decide to do my Master’s right after graduating from my Bachelor’s.

It was by accident, during one of my Master’s courses, that I started considering doing a PhD. I was in my first year, I was taking a course attented mostly by second-year students, and the main discussion topic during the breaks was that one of…

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