GradLife Friendly Moments: The Department Gatherings

GradLife McGill

Life as a graduate student can be isolating, especially for those students who don’t need to physically stay in a lab to do their research, and thus end up spending most of their time alone. Luckily, there are many occasions to get in touch with some fellows, such as non-curricular lectures where you will probably find likeminded people, extracurricular activities, competitions and clubs. And if you find that the various lectures, competitions, activities and clubs aren’t close enough to your interests, chances are your lab, your department or maybe your faculty organizes some kind of gathering, from time to time. A few months ago I talked about the Lab Retreat, today I will talk about the department gatherings.

For me, the department gatherings are those nice-yet-slightly-awkward moments in which I see in a very informal context dozens of students and perhaps some profs… knowing personally a…

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