Everyday differences between Italy and Quebec–Part 2

GradLife McGill

As I wrote in Everyday differences between Italy and Quebec–Part 1, one of my favourite aspects of being an international student is being immersed in a different culture. What is most interesting to me though, is that no matter how much you try to get prepared about your destination country in advance, when you finally move there you still find something that surprises you. And this is what this series of blog posts is about: The differences between my home country–Italy–and Quebec. The ones that I discovered only after having moved here. The ones that aren’t big, but still remind me that I am in a different country.

In the first post of this series I talked about cars and streets. Let’s continue from there, this time paying attention to house numbers. They are so high! Here in Canada I’ve seen house numbers higher than 20,000, and I often…

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