Library Etiquette: The mysterious meaning of the expression “Silence SVP”

GradLife McGill

McGill libraries have different kinds of study zones: rooms that can be booked for group study, conversation zones where students are allowed to have “quiet discussions”, and quiet and silent zones, where people are supposed to avoid talking and, more generally, avoid behaviours that can disturb the other students. The idea is to give everybody the possibility to find a place that meets their personal needs: some students need to meet to carry out group projects, some others need to study and discuss some topic with a fellow, while some others need to concentrate in a silent environment to effectively learn or write a paper. We are all different, it would be naive and deleterious to assume that everybody had the same necessities, and McGill took this diversity into account while organizing the libraries. This is great!

This is the reason why some doors carry the sign “study room” or…

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