Seven reasons why an international student should visit Ottawa

GradLife McGill

Montreal is an amazing city, but this doesn’t mean that we should stay here all the time! Indeed, as I argued in my previous post Six reasons why an international student should visit QuebecCity, I would feel my international student experience as incomplete if I didn’t visit some other place every now and then.

This time I’ll talk about Ottawa, that I visited a few days ago. Since I was there for a conference, I dedicated little time to sightseeing, but neverthess I could appreciate this city very much, and in these seven points I’ll tell you why.

First, as we all know from our Geography classes, Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. If you–like me–find capital cities fascinating per se, for what they represent at the national and international level, then of course Ottawa is the place to go.

Second, being Ottawa the Capital of Canada…

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