That yearly diary entry

GradLife McGill

I was in middle school, and the teacher was explaining what a diary is, highlighting the total freedom we have when we write on our personal diary: we can write, draw, use some slang, attach pictures, have a spontaneous handwriting, and choose the cadence of our entries. Someone raised the hand and asked, in a provocative tone: “Can we write in our diary only once a year, if we want to?” The teacher giggled and answered: “Yes, of course.”

This episode comes to my mind every December 31st, because this is more or less what I do now: I lost the habit of keeping a diary, but I still write an entry once a year, every December 31st, sometimes finishing it on January 1st. It doesn’t matter if I am with my family, my friends, or alone (yes, I did spend some New Year’s Eves alone, and I am ok…

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