A humble hymn to Something

I feel so distressed

when I hear someone saying

“Everything or nothing

and there’s no third way”


Why should I limit

one thousand options to two

why should I approximate

until I lose the clue


Why should I label people,

as well as myself

as perfect or awful,

as normal or strange


Why should I replace

a colour picture with black and white

why should I describe the world

in darkness and light


Every conquest is achieved

one step at a time

accepting only “everything or nothing”

won’t earn us a dime


There are infinite shadows

and if we are wise

we’ll welcome Something

and bear no labels in our eyes.





Poem published on Radix, the McGill University Students’ spirituality magazine (https://www.mcgill.ca/morsl/morsl-programs-and-resources/radix-magazine), here: https://www.mcgill.ca/morsl/files/morsl/67._nothing_everything_-_spring_summer_2017.pdf

A picture of my feet on the glass floor of the Willis Tower, Chicago, August 2015 (picture taken by me)

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