Like a geyser

A geyser in Iceland, picture taken by me in August 2016

Let’s start like a geyser: Sudden, unexpected… you can’t predict it, but you know it will probably do something, sooner or later.

This is how I realized I was living in an odd situation, the so-called Anthropocene, the era in which the Earth is dominated by my species, the Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Something was definitely weird in the world around me. People systematically ruining the planet and not even realizing it was wrong? People valuing money more than anything else, including life, justice, happiness and serenity? People openly saying they really don’t care about the future generations, that is the children and grandchildren they pretend to love? Total nonsense. But still, I was part of it, and I ended up adapting myself to this system. “This is growing up”, I was repeatedly telling myself, “when you grow up you understand there are priorities, like making money to be independent from your parents, and being able to accept compromises”. But still, something was awkward.

The point is, learning how to live in a society is growing up. But at a certain point I finally realized that this does not mean accepting everything without questioning. On the contrary, it means using your brain, thinking, being able to disagree and explain your reasons. Especially when the reality around you is so worrying that you feel you have the moral duty, as a grown-up citizen, to question the system. Peacefully and respectfully, of course, because I deeply believe in peace and respect. But still, questioning… even harshly, if it is the right thing to do.

So, here it is. The odd sensation, the questioning, the thinking… they are finally coming out as a blog… unpredictably and untidily… like a geyser. And this post is its first gush. WHOOSH.


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